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About is a peer to peer digital assets trading exchange which aims at providing cutting edge solutions to the current problems faced by the many exchanges out there.

Unlike many exchanges, is a purely crypto exchange. Our team which is made up of experts in finance and software engineering believe so unwaveringly in digital assets that we know an advanced, fully cryto exchange will go a long way in making cryptocurrency mass adoption possible

 Problems & Solution


Rushed Technical Architecture
  • Many exchanges are “put together quickly”
  • Many operators have little or no experience in finance or in operating an exchange.
  • As traffic grows, the system self destructs as a result of too much load


Proven Technical Architecture
  • Engineering a solid framework from the ground up considering speed, security and efficiency
  • Dedicated system architecture from experienced professionals
  • Months and months of testing to ensure safety


Insecure Platform
  • Poorly designed systems are hackable
  • No audit or penetration test done before launch
  • Systems built with no intentions of going all the way


Secure Platform
  • Designed by experts with best practices employed
  • Audited and penetration tested by seasoned testers
  • Built to last


Poor Market Liquidity
  • Shallow Orderbook Leading to high spillage
  • Lack of trust by major market players for a new exchange
  • Too expensive for small industry players


Sufficient Market Liquidity
  • Getting partners aboard through years of consistent service delivery
  • Robust marketing campaign to make sure we get in the faces of investors
  • Sufficient market liquidity that is friendly to small players too


Poor Customer Service
  • Many existing exchanges treat users poorly
  • Unfavorable responses leading to loss of funds
  • Vague terms and conditions


Dedicated Customer Service
  • Users are kings on
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support to get issues fixed in 24hrs or less. Never more.
  • Clear terms and conditions


Poor Language Support
  • Many exchanges force non-english speaking natives to use English
  • This leads to mistakes while making orders
  • Many users are not able to pass complaints to customer support well enough


Continual Language Support
  • Out of the box, launches with support for 12 languages
  • Customer support is internationalized so we can understand users better
  • Less order book or notification comprehension mistakes

FMX Token Details

Max Supply


Tokens For Sale



20 million

Tokens Distributed

30 days after token sale ends
Token Sale I January 15- February 28
80% Bonus $0.01/token
Token Sale II March 01 - March 15
70% Bonus $0.02/token
Token Sale III March 25- April 15
60% Bonus $0.03/token
Token Sale IV April 20- May 20
50% Bonus $0.05/token
Token Sale V June 01 - July 30
30% Bonus $0.03/token

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us. And lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.


2017 Q4
  • Concept Generation
  • Assembling Team
2018 Q1
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper draft
2018 Q2
  • Platform design and technical specs discourse
  • Wireframe Design
2018 Q2
Seed Round
  • Initial Seed funding raised
2018 Q4
Whitepaper 1.0
  • In-house testing of website
  • Airdrops & Marketing conceptualized
2019 Q1
  • Social Media accounts created
  • Ambassadors Bounty program conceptualized
2019 Q1
Marketing 2.0
  • Airdrop campaign starts
  • Social Media campaign starts
2019 Q2
  • Stage one presale starts
  • Token Contract created & Audited
2019 Q2
Alpha Testing
  • Inhouse testing of trading engine
  • Bug Fixes
2019 Q3
Beta Testing
  • Beta Testing of Trading Engine
  • Bug Fixes
2019 Q4
  • Exchange Launch
  • Additional Services Added

Executive team

Macdonald Obiora
Cofounder & CEO
Enitan Bello
Cofounder & CTO
Olga Sokolova
Project Manager
Eugene Ratkevich
Software Engineer
Flora Ekwere
Digital Marketing Lead
Shantha Kumar
Blockchain Developer
Anastasiya Buhlai
Legal Lead
Alexey Sidorowich
Head Operations

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